Have you ever heard any horror stories about engine additives?

If you spend A Lot of time on the web, (like I do) chances are you probably have seen or read terrifying stories of Engines blowing up, or Catastrophic Transmission failures after certain fluid additives were used.

Never have I once, experienced any issues with the additive products I use in my vehicles.

I do as much research on products as I can before I Dare use them on (Or In) My Vehicles.

I personally never used any kind of "Stop Leak" products before. Simply because I never had a need to. With that said; I have seen a plethora of good & bad results, when people use certain Stop Leak products. Generally, most of the "bad" results were from Engine Oil stop leak products. And I don't mean bad as in not being effective. No! I mean Bad because those products caused Catastrophic Failures!

With that said...

Other fluid Stop Leak products, Like 'Bar's Leak' Radiator Stop Leak, seems to have mostly (I use mostly lightly) good reviews & results.

It wasn't until today, did I see or read about any "Catastrophic" part failure caused by a Radiator Stop Leak Product.

After this video, It has put a bit of fear in me about using ANY Stop Leak products, Especially for the Radiator!

I'm still unsure what to think about it. Many Questions arose after completing the video.

like "HOW!?!"

I haven't been able to figure out if the radiator failed due to the product, Or my own error.

I seemed to used the product as directed, So I can't fault anything there. It still doesn't make sense how a large chunk of this aluminum radiator blew out. Much like I said in the video, "It must've built up pressure".

That's a great theory! But...

How come a corner of the radiator became a weak spot to vent the pressure, and the pressure didn't get released through the radiator cap?

Right?!? See what I mean here.

Either way, I don't see myself using ANY more of these products to "debunk" the results in this video.